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Join me at WAPilates for Teacher Training even if you live outside of Houston.

Join me at WAPilates for Teacher Training even if you live outside of Houston.


Come To Houston for your Pilates Teacher Training! this Program is Created for out of town and State students

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I had many request from potential students to come to WAPilates and do the Teacher Training but, the issue was the schedule. So I created a schedule that allows you to get all the benefits, personalized attention and everything that makes this program unique available to you, even from outside Houston.

In this program you will come to Houston for 3 visits over 3 days. These weekend intensives cover all the course syllabus and is a fully Comprehensive Teacher Training. You will be using the studio as all Teacher Trainers in the Program. It is the same full Comprehensive Program using the Gratz Apparatus and including the smaller apparatus such as Foot corrector and more.

Between weekend intensives students have online worksheets and homework, skype or Facetime meetingss for questions and concerns, and keeping track of practice and all hours required. You will also have access to online stream of Teacher Training classes going on during your Course to watch live, go over things more and still be a part of the community even while you are back at home.

You will also still have your student advisor to help and the same Mentorship experience as if you were living and hanging out in Houston every day!

If you are interested in finding out more about coming to Houston and getting your Pilates Teacher Training just fill out the form and let's see where we can go together!

For 2019/2020 Schedule download PDF

You can also download PDF of Frequently Asked Questions HERE

 “Hilary is an incredible teacher and mentor.  She is truly invested in the success of her students which is apparent through her availability, willingness to help, flexibility, encouragement, and the mutual respect that is always present.  Hilary is extremely knowledgeable in the traditional Pilates method and because of her training, I feel confident that I have a solid foundation for teaching Pilates.”  Christina Scuseria

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