Teacher Training at your studio


In your space, on your equipment and in your city!

I am now happy to bring my Teacher Training to your studio to train those interested in becoming Pilates teachers of the Traditional Method. This full Comprehensive Teacher Training for your students in your studio can be scheduled any time of the year!  Bringing my clear, detailed teaching and positive, supportive style this course includes 3-3 day weekend intensives with a full Comprehensive Course. Manuals, homework, Mid-term assessments, and weekly quizzes included.

Scheduled for your studio

This program includes anatomy, teaching skills, contraindications for clients issues, and how to teach to the body in front of you. A true mentorship style training for your studio.

Each student will have access to videos of exercises they have learned during the weekends, homework, quizzes and get the feedback, direction and guidance from me which are key elements and make this program unique

The  program is taught over 3 separate weekends of Fri, Sat and Sunday.

Weekly meetings via Skype or Facetime between intensive weekends.

Designed for your studio and needs.


"With all her passion and expertise, Hilary brought her in-house Pilates teachers training program to my studio. Hilary's program is perfect for the studio in need of training for two or three teachers, or a full group. Her program isintimate, focused and very clear. I was very pleased at the pace and the content my trainees received duringour 3 weekend intensives.  Hilary tailored her in-house program to fit my studio needs beautifully. My trainees will be mentored by me in Washington , but Hilary will be in weekly contact with them just as she is with her trainees in Houston,Texas.

“Hilary is so encouraging and a wonderful inspiration to all that attend her training. I recommend her for her years on experience and knowledge and teaching style. I also recommend her because she is always learning and advancing in the our industry. If you choose to invite Hilary to bring her Pilates teachers training program to your studio, you will be completely supported and satisfied and thrilled with the results." Jyl Thompson, Owner Lake Tapps Pilates Studio.


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