Do you ask your Pilates clients  how Pilates affects them outside the studio?

We all like to think we make a difference and that we helped our clients get better at whatever sent them to Pilates in the first place, whatever that goal was for them but, how do you know if they really understand the impact of the Pilates on their long term life and movement. What do you think your client would say if you asked them “has Pilates affected your life outside this studio?”

The other day I was chatting with one of my Students in my Teacher Training Program. She has a lady Jane who is helping her get her assisted teaching hours in and being her “client”. Jane is constantly complaining and whining and making faces as she goes through the session. The student is very good at letting Jane know why they are working on something and the purpose of what they are doing. Jane would half listen and the poor student was so getting really drained but, she kept bringing home the fact for Jane Pilates was going to help her out in the real world and here was why.

Fast forward a bit and the student wakes up to a text from this client that says “Maybe to much information but, for the first time in I don’t know how long I got off the toilet without having to push myself up with my arms”. A huge moment for Jane right? I know that not every person thinks of this but, how many people as they get older do you hear complain about getting up out of chairs or into chairs? It is such a simple move and is this not our Footwork on the Reformer?

I have heard so many things in my over 25 years of teaching from clients that say things like “ I pour my coffee differently” to “I almost fell but I was able to keep my balance and not face plant into the curb” and each one knew it was due to Pilates. They knew because over their time in the studio I let them know exactly how Pilates was going to help them in the outside world. They understood all the connections of the exercises to simple things they do every day that maybe one day would not be an option with such ease if not for Pilates.

The client that understands the purpose for them is the client for life. How do you get them to see this? I have a few tips that you can share with your client to get this conversation and journey going for them and you.

1. Pilates has everyday movements in every exercise - We need to roll up out of bed, get up and down out of chairs, up and down stairs, pick up kids, groceries, go for walks

2. The full body movement and full range - By using the full body and the full range of their movement they are keeping those joints mobile and are able to move as freely and safely as they possibly can with as much support possible

3. Knowing where your body is in space- We need to look up and we need to look down and we need to look straight ahead- Pilates is giving them the full body awareness to be able to walk and not be worried and have to look down, to be able to react if something jumps in their path, to know if they are holding their head up or slumped over.

4 Breathing and stress-Pilates is giving them the tools to be with the body and mind and to breathe and focus to get that stress out of the body and feel recharged and better than when they don’t do Pilates. Let them remember when they were out for a period of time that they didn’t feel so great. Pilates makes them feel less stress and more grounded.

How often do you ask your clients how Pilates affects them outside the studio? Comment below I would love to hear!

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