Is Pilates keeping you up at night?

As a Pilates Teacher have you ever been laying in bed at 2am unable to sleep because you can’t get that one client out of your head? Maybe it is the question and worries about how do I get more clients to fill my schedule? What about that one client that came in that maybe didn’t seem to enjoy the session and was grumbling the whole session, what if they don’t come back?  With all these questions and scenarios from your Pilates studio playing in your head it’s no wonder you can’t sleep!

I know all about those Pilates problems keeping you up at night, In 25 years of teaching there have been many sleepless nights.  Then when I became a Pilates studio owner, those problems seemed to pile more on top of those teaching problems. So, yes! I know what it is like to spend many nights wide awake with your mind racing. Let’s not even get into those night of full panic mode and your brain all over the place. It is amazing where our minds can go in the middle of the night, in the dark and quiet. It can be scary. And things that would never enter your head during the day can go into a whole other realm during the night.

Luckily with all my years of training, I have come up with several ways to shine some light on these dark and scary places. Here are my 6 tips to help you bring a dream like state back into your mind so you can sleep peacefully.

  1. Take Control- Think of what you can do! Break the issue down and go back to the basics. What is the one thing you can do in regard to this problem? Just one thing. This will keep your brain from spinning into all those different scenarios and keep you focused on just one thought and answer.

  2. Pad and Paper- Keep that by your bed and when that Pilates problem is keeping you up at night write it down. Then make a list of ways to research in the morning. Maybe to go into a Pilates Forum and see if others can help, do some research online and list some websites you may be able or search words. Connect with your Mentor!

  3. Focus on Tomorrow- This one may be hard in the beginning but, tell yourself a mantra or channel Scarlett O'Hara “I’ll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day”. It isn’t doing you any good staying up all night with the problem spinning in your head.  So, take the tip #1 and tell yourself you will think of this tomorrow!

  4. Rethink your Mindset- What can you really do about it? Is this something that you really can control or is it really out of your control? “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

  5. Make tough choices- We can’t do everything at once so, make a list and put them in order of priority and refer back to tip #4 and cut what you can’t control and then refer back to  tip #1 of doing one thing.

  6. Beach or Rain sounds- This may sound silly but get yourself a little white noise maker or download one on your phone. The sounds of rain, or the sound of waves on a beach, thunderstorms are all enough to relax your mind and body by giving the brain something to “override” all those problems. The sounds naturally will relax your body, make you breathe deeper and take your mind out of that constant “chatter”

We all have things that stress us out or cause us worry. You can only control what you can control and seeking the advice of a Mentor or Coach who knows your goals or visions can take some of the worry out and be your guide and help you stay on your course.

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