Where Are Your Pilates Peeps?

How To Find Your Community!

Now that  you are out in the Pilates teaching world that you’ve lost a sense of community that you had in your Teacher Training class? Are you finding that you are just teaching your clients and not really getting the support or feedback of other teachers in your studio or the Pilates world? Not being a part of a community can feel lonely, it makes you feel stale with your teaching or even bored.

Remember when you were in Teacher Training and that feeling of the other teachers all in the same boat as you . All on  that same that road and all the obstacles and joys being shared as a group? Learning the choreography together and practicing, giving each other feedback and support. Having each other as those teaching hours started and that nervousness and excitement built dealing with teaching “real” people. Comparing notes, experiences as the hours and week and months went on. You were surrounded by those  who were feeling and experiencing the butterflies, joy, tears, frustration, passion, achievements just like you! Sharing those moments with the community that your Teacher Training class had become. When did that get lost?

When I first started teaching I was so focused on building my clientele, making a living. I would spend a lot of time at the studio and practice, take lessons and teach and then go home and do it all over again. It was lonely. I wasn’t the only one I had other teachers in the studio space but, they did the same thing came in, taught and left. I was missing the community that I had in Teacher Training. It became a focus for me in the environment I wanted to provide a space for that community.

Here are some tips that I use to create  a Pilates community

  1. Get to know other Pilates teachers-  It sounds silly but make that effort of getting to know teachers who aren’t just teaching in the space you are but, get to know teachers around your area and in other cities and states. Now with social media and all the different forums and online communities, it is easy to connect with teachers you may never have before. You can meet other teachers who you have things in common in terms of where you are in your career or even learn and get advice from those who have more experience.

  2. Offer a community class- Have a monthly class for fellow teachers to come to your studio and have a group class. Maybe trade off on what studio it is at each month and have different teachers each month. Enjoy some time after class for just visiting or chatting and getting to know each other.

  3. Take Workshops, Training or Retreats- There is something about traveling out of your city, studio, and environment and being around other teachers to learn. It is that same back to Teacher Training feeling of the community who is there with the same passion and Hunger to connect and learn. Meet your fellow attendees, exchange email, phone and keep in touch.

  4. Create a Teaching or Discussion group- get some of your fellow teachers in your studio or in your surrounding area and do monthly meets to study, discuss and share information on things you may have dealt with in terms of clients, teaching, or whatever topics others can maybe have some advice, guidance, experiences with to share.

Feeling a part of a community is something that is a natural thing for us as humans. As a Teacher so much of your day is giving and being there for your clients. Having that Pilates community gives you that support, that help, that listening ear that shows you that you are not alone!

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