4 things to think about

as you begin to think of the teacher training program

There are so many different ways of teaching Pilates such as a more Contemporary approach, more Physical Therapy  approach, Traditional or Classical. Prices for Comprehensive Pilates Training can go up to over $14,000 and be in levels, modules or a full Comprehensive approach with all in one go! What if you got through those decisions and picked a program, then got in and it was more of a personality or way of learning and being taught that didn’t resonate with you?

I have had teachers coming to me to ask about my Teacher Training Program with this issue. They may have looked into another Teacher training, they are thinking about one or even started another program and have realized they need something more for their personality, their ability to learn, or they felt that something wasn’t working for them. Instead of them just looking at what they would be learning in the course it was more of “how am I going to be taught?”, “how am I being critiqued or told what is right and wrong in my practice and teaching”, “how am I being told what to do or how to do it?”

When learning you want to feel good, you want to feel challenged and not feel frustrated. These are things you should think about when you start that journey of looking into Teacher Training and even Mentorship Programs. It is tough, there are a lot of choices out in the Pilates world now compared to when I went through my Teacher Training Program.

When I started looking into Pilates Teacher training I only had one choice in the city I lived in. I could travel to NY or California but, I was young, didn’t have the money to travel multiple times. So going out of town did not work for me. The one studio where I lived was the only choice that worked for me at that time. This was also a time where they didn’t have all the Teacher Training Programs as they do now.   I got very lucky with my choice and my Teacher John Gossett as he was patient, very giving,had a wonderfully dry sense of humor that I tend to love trying to figure out, he gave room for you to discover things out on your own and made you think. I also knew he was there for me. I needed that guidance, patience, fun, and freedom to explore without being watched 24/7 every moment of my time in the studio. I needed that space to explore and not feel watched.

It is important now with all the choices for a new teacher looking to get trained to think about this as part of that choice. There are big schools and smaller schools, classes with big groups of teacher training students and then small more intimate classes of students. For me as a student and now running my Teacher Training Program it is important to give that teacher coming in a supportive environment and one they can learn at their own pace. To be able to get into the work they way then need to instead of being told how to.

As a teacher, it is interesting that how you learn will often dictate how you teach! If you tend to thrive on the positive feedback of “great job” or “you did awesome today” most likely that is how you will give that back to your clients.  Some may need more guidelines, more “exact” in how and why with no gray. Do you need that freedom or more structure? So much to think about now.

When you are thinking of the teacher Training and you are wondering is this going to be the right environment for me? Am I going to learn what I need to learn in a way or style that works for me? Knowing what you want in terms of the syllabus and what you will learn is how you will learn.

Here are 4 things to think about as you begin to think of the teacher training program and if it is a good fit:

  1. What makes you want to work harder? Do you need lots of structure or a bit of freedom? Think back to when you were in school. What were your favorite classes? The ones you thrived in. What were the curriculum and teacher like? What stands out for you in that memory?

  2. Do you need positive feedback or do you like a more straight shooter that may not have the most positive spin? Does having someone say “you can do better” spurn you on or make you question your whole day or week?  Or does it send you in the opposite direction and make that a challenge of yes, I can. Does one really make you anxious or are you good with one more than the other?

  3. Look at the personality of the Teacher Trainer. Do you gravitate to their positivity or strictness? Do they talk too much or not enough? Do you feel that they “see” you?

  4. Do you do better with big groups or smaller? Do you like just absorbing from all around you or do you want that more intimate setting where you can be heard more and get all your questions to the front?

Finding your path and becoming a Pilates Teacher can be overwhelming. Just like clients each teacher has a way of learning and thriving. Understanding that for yourself will help guide you to the Teacher Training Program that is the right fit for you! I

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