Looking for a great Pilates workshop this year?

Finding that Pilates workshop that will get those light bulb moments as a Pilates teacher and expand your knowledge in a way that will change your Pilates teaching is something every Pilates teacher is searching for in their journey. Pilates Teachers want to have new tools, verbage, things for their Pilates clients to “see” and “feel” when they are in the studio for their Pilates sessions. How do you as a Pilates teacher find that workshop? How do you know it is the workshop for you?

Did you ever wonder how am I going to find that workshop that will give me all those things? Did you struggle with which one and is the cost worth it? Is this workshop worth your time?  Ever wonder if you need a workshop?

Every year I look for workshops that will give me all those feelings. Those moments were you feel like you had been in the dark and didn’t even know it, suddenly someone turns on the light and you are saying “Wow, I can see so much better now!”. I want teach workshop to take  me deeper into the work and understanding of not only Pilates but, my teaching. To continue to be inspired and fresh for my own clients and teachers. I’m always so excited when I get back into the studio and I feel as if my teaching has truly changed and I have opened up a new path to go down. It makes teaching so much fun to get that recharge and focus. You know what I am talking about!

Last year I presented my workshop “Using the Mat to Assess” at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference. This workshop is all about getting that client onto the mat and going through the exercises and seeing what the clients body is doing in terms of movement . Seeing how the different moves may have some issue happen for them and then understanding how to use the studio to address what you are seeing. After this workshop I was talking with the participants and it  got me thinking of how the Assessment can be used on the Reformer. Just like the Mat work, Teachers can “see” what is happening to the client on the Reformer. The springs, the different positions of the client as they gain and lose that spring tension. So many things are happening. The carriage banging in, the feet on the foot bar doing some wild thing, the straps out of control in the clients hands. You know what I am talking about! I am sure you have had many moments like these. Then what? Where do you go from there?

Joseph Pilates used the Reformer to assess and see how does a body find a way to work and “listen” to the support and feedback of the spring? Just like my Mat workshop this Reformer Assessment workshop shows what is your client’s body  going to speak or shout to you, the Teacher, the most. How do you then take what you see in terms that bodies pattern and get them to move or connect better?

Did we see something in Elephant and then again  in Tendon Stretch? How do you then hit the Cadillac or maybe the Wunda Chair and help that body with the issues you saw on the Reformer?

The options are endless as each client is so different and seeing how we as Teachers can make those moments happen is one of the best parts of this workshop!

Approaching  each session as this “Detective” gives you and your client endless opportunities since every day our bodies are different. Are you ready to become a Detective?  Book this workshop here

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