Top 3 Reasons I love teaching Workshops

Pilates workshops make me happy! I have always loved taking Pilates workshops and the feeling I got after leaving a workshop. I get the same wonderful feeling when I teach Pilates workshops. Traveling to other Pilates studios and meeting Pilates teachers is one of the things I love about teaching Pilates workshops. I also enjoy watching the Pilates teachers in my workshops getting that same experience

When I first became a Pilates teacher the only way to learn was with workshops. I know I have chatted on this before.  I loved being around other teachers, sharing ideas and our passion for Pilates. I found that every workshop no matter what the subject, who the Presenter was or if they had a different way of teaching didn’t matter. I always took something away. I found a new way of seeing something, a different cue or something for my client.  No matter where my Pilates journey has gone every year

What are the reasons I truly love teaching workshops? What makes me want to hit the road and share my passion and thoughts on Pilates with other teachers? I have a few reasons that I will share with you now.

Here are the top 3 Reasons I love teaching Pilates workshops:

  1. Light bulb moments: This is one of the top reasons for workshops for me. It is why I continue to take workshops and learn from others is those moments. Where it is like a switch goes off for an answer or thought that you didn’t even know you needed or craved. I enjoy watching faces of teachers as that light goes on, to see the joy and relief over something they had been struggling with or not understanding.

  2. Community: Traveling to other Pilates studios is an opportunity to not only meet other teachers and studio owners but, create more community. To be in a group and sharing and experiencing things together gives such a sense of togetherness and that supportive place to learn, explore and understand things together. It is a community that continues even after the workshop is over.

  3. Seeing changes in teachers: This is one that I also love in Teacher Training Students. That shift you see happen in the teacher that you can visually see the confidence in them grow, the relaxation as they have the support and answers that they needed, the connection more to the work that opens their mind in a new way, the re-energization of the teacher and curiousity that is created.

These are just 3 of the Reasons I am hitting the road again in 2019 to teach my Workshops. I am ready to see those light bulb moment, build those communities and see those changes for teachers.

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