Teacher Training in your studio!

3 Reasons why bringing a Teacher Training Program to your studio is a good idea!

Where are all those Pilates teachers? That seems to be a good question asked by many Pilates studio owner’s that I hear. Where are all the Pilates teachers that have gone through a fully Comprehensive Pilates teacher training Program? Many Pilates studio owners want more than just a Mat or Reformer trained teacher. Where are all those Pilates teachers that know the full system? Are you looking for good Pilates teachers for your studio? Well, let me give you 3 good reasons why bringing a Teacher Training Program into your studio is a good idea! I will give you a super simple way to get teachers for your Pilates studio that fit your needs and your vision for your clientele and studio.

Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Teacher Training Program is free to the studio - There is no cost for you as a studio owner unless you decided to pay for the teachers in the training of course. The students sign up, pay for the course themselves. There is absolutely no work on your part! You are getting years of research, fully Comprehensive Program that creates teachers that are intuitive, understand the full work of Joseph Pilates and all the connections as well as how to really teach to the body in front of them.

  2. All Teacher Training Material is covered for you- You have nothing to worry or take care of in terms of Manuals, paperwork, quizzes, homework for students, assessments, exams as they are all part of the Teacher Training Program. Weekly meetings via skype/facetime etc are all covered with you as well as with students.  This is a huge amount of time that you are saving every day, leaving you time to teach, run your studio and have hopefully some time for you!

  3. See the work ethic and passion of the students As the studio owner and the students doing the work in your studio you will see first hand the commitment they have to practice and do all their hours. You will see the quizzes and exams and how they work with others as well as your studio guidelines. Essentially you are getting time to do that “probation” period of a teacher. Seeing how they work, learn and what they may be in terms of a fit for your studio. There is no wondering how will they fit in with my studio? and what I need in a teacher.  Will they work hard and be on time? You will see as they go through the training all these answers.

I know what it is like searching for teachers and trying to find not only Pilates teachers that are qualified to teach your clientele in the studio but, also that fit into the environment you have created for your studio. We all as studio owners have a vision of our space, our teachers and the path we have set for that. It is a lot of work running a studio! Bringing the Teacher Training Program to your studio has you as a part of all the process without any of the work. How cool is that?

So, that is just the first 3 reasons for having my Teacher Training Program come to your studio! It is so easy! So, you can stick to teaching clients, running your studio, keeping clients happy and coming into your space. The potential teachers to help are all coming, all you have to do is set up the Teacher Training for your studio and the path is set!

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