3 more Reasons!

Earlier this month I chatted about 3 good reasons why bringing a Pilates Teacher Training Program to your Pilates studio is a good idea Every Pilates studio owner is always looking for good Pilates Teachers right? Certified Pilates teachers correct? Pilates teachers that know how to not only teach Pilates but keep their Pilates clients safe and happy. Well, after all, your responses I realized that just touched on good reasons to bring the Teacher Training.


Just to refresh on the past blog which you can read here 3 Reasons To bring Teacher Training to your studio!

  1. It is free to your studio- No cost at all to you

  2. All the materials are covered for you- How cool is that right?

  3. You get to see the work ethic and passion of the students


So, now those are 3 great reasons but, I was thinking after some of the great responses that there are more! In fact, 3 more that came to the forefront and so I thought why not pass them on and we continue this conversation.


  1. Geared to your studio - The Teacher Training Program is geared to your studio in terms of guidelines, clientele, apparatus and what you are wanting in your teachers that work at your studio. They are not only learning the full Comprehensive, anatomy, precautions and contraindications as well as all the teaching skills and more but, they are learning what you are wanting in terms of your studio. They see how your studio works, what your clientele is needing and wanting and you get to see if they fit that for you.  

  2. Bringing more awareness and teachers to your space- Hosting the Teacher Training Program in your studio gets your studio name out there to fellow potential teachers as well as those already teaching. It shows how committed you are to your studio and those that work in it. Those Teacher Training students will be bringing in family and friends and others who may decide to keep doing Pilates at your studio or tell their family and friends.

  3. Clients see your commitment to them As the studio owner and the students doing the work in your studio you will see first hand the commitment they have to practice and do all their hours. To the quizzes and exams and how they work with others as well as your studio guidelines. Essentially you are getting time to do that “probation” period of a teacher. Seeing how they work, learn and what they may be in terms of a fit for your studio. There is no wondering how will they fit in with my studio and what I need in a teacher? Will they work hard and be on time? You will see as they go through the training all these answers.


So, that gives us another 3 reasons to have my Teacher Training Program come to your studio! How cool is it to have it geared to your studio? It is some free marketing and advertising to your community and awareness for the Pilates teachers around you. On that same note, all those potential clients and current clients see how committed you are to your studio and their Pilates practice.  


Did you see the first 3 reasons? Add them all together and you are on the path to a studio that gives you peace of mind and less stress every day!

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