Top 5 End of Year Pilates Blogs!

It is the end of the year and a time for reflection as well as looking ahead to a new year. This year has been the such a year and it has been fun blogging on all the Pilates happenings. This year I decided to get back to my Pilates blogging. What a perfect time to look at a few key blogs on things for Pilates teachers, Pilates Mentorships and Workshops! So many Pilates things to choose from! End of the year is a great time to think about what the new year should bring to you and your Pilates teaching? What should you think about when it comes to your  Pilates journey?

As you are looking ahead to the New Year let’s take a look back at some of my favorite blogs from this year.  How about we count them down to my all time favorite from 5 to 1!

5. Understanding Connections : I love this subject and my clients and those going through my Teacher Training know this. I always love when a client gets it on their own! One thing I hear a lot from those that are already out and teaching is the feeling of being lost as to why they are doing an exercise with their client, what can they do to make the client feel better connected or be more challenged or even progress? This workshop is also a favorite of mine to teach!

4. 5 Reasons to be a Pilates Teacher: We all have reasons of why we want to be a Pilates teacher or why we are thinking of becoming one right? These reasons are the ones I hear and think are the most common for all teachers. I also think it is the reasons that really make the great passionate and caring teacher! What are your reasons? Do you have some that are different? I would love to hear!

3. Modify let’s talk; This is a subject I am truly passionate about! How do we modify for those clients yet, still keep them challenged and allow them to really progress in their Pilates practice yet still keep them safe? Sometimes it seems that as Pilates teachers there is a lot of information that really doesn’t answer these questions. I love seeing how understanding the true meaning of “modifications” for that individual it creates such a freeing hour for the teacher and the client.

2. 5 Reasons to join a Pilates Mentorship; One thing I truly am passionate about is teaching teachers. Getting them to the path and on the journey that they are wanting or needing. For me Mentorships are a lifelong connection and can change the path, the understanding and the passion that you may have gotten lost on in your teaching. I have to say that in my Mentee’s during their year long Mentorship seeing those “lightbulb” moments and the confidence in them shift is always a wonderful and awesome experience.

And finally...the one Blog of the year!!!!

  1. Cueing for Clients: This is absolutely one of my favorite workshops to teach and for so many reasons! How often do teachers get stuck in how to say something to get the client connected? Cueing for me with my clients is simple, direct and gets them to think and do for themselves. Yet, they progress, feel challenged and connect in very deep ways to the work. Isn’t that what we all want? So, yes this Blog is my #1 this year!

I am excited to continue this Pilates journey with all of you in the New Year and thank you for all the wonderful comments and thoughts on the Blogs this year! The New Year is shaping up to be a busy Pilates one and I can’t wait to meet those in my Workshops and in Teacher Training outside of Houston...and..for those that are traveling to Houston to get that Training in can’t wait to see you too!!

What about you? If you could pick one workshop to get to this year what would it be and why?

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