Exciting things this year...

for Pilates Mentorship and Teacher training

It is almost a New Year! I am looking at the calendar and getting so excited about all the Pilates workshops, Pilates Teacher Training and Pilates studios that I will be traveling to and I know it will mean meeting with some wonderful Pilates teachers! This New Year brings a new Teacher Training class to my home Pilates studio, WAPilates and also this year I am off to the West and East coast of the country with Teacher Training! Can you say looking forward to another new year?

My true passion truly is teaching Pilates teachers. Those that are starting out and Mentoring those that have been teaching already. This year as I said I am excited to take my Teacher Training Program to the Seattle area and then up to the New Jersey area. Last year was the first year I took my Teacher Training outside my own studio when I was asked by a studio owner to come and train future teachers for her. I love getting outside of my own studio to see and meet with other studio owners. It’s a joy to help them get their studios set with Pilates teachers so that they can do what they want to do every day! Enjoying their space as I enjoy mine! Every year is new opportunities to see all those light bulb moments, meet new Pilates friends and start journey’s with new friends

Here are just a few of the things happening this year!

  • Starting in April my workshop “Using the Mat to Assess and where to go from there” that I presented at the 2018 PMA Conference. This is one of my favorite to teach, lots of lightbulb moments

  • Mentorship Program with more passionate Pilates teachers looking for a new journey, to dig deeper and taking their teaching to a new level. I love seeing where we go during the year long program.

  • Teacher training Program to the west coast Seattle area as well as the East Coast New Jersey area. Looking forward to getting those wanting to be Pilates teachers trained and on their path!

  • Workshops in Houston and other locations such as the one in February at my home studio WAPilates “How to “modify” Traditional Pilates for you client using Precautions/Contraindications.” This one is always such an experience as so many teachers have issues in regard to what they can and can’t do, or should do.

More to come but, just a little sneak peek at what I am working on for the new year!

So, as I look over my schedule so many exciting things booked and ready to go! The year is almost here so if you are thinking “I want that workshop!” “I want some Teacher Training!” “This is the year to get into that Mentorship Program” then what are you waiting for?

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