3 Reasons I became a Pilates teacher!

My story of finding Pilates and becoming a Pilates teacher may be different than a lot and similar to some of those Pilates teachers out there. Becoming a Pilates teacher and teaching in a Pilates studio was not something on my radar growing up. In fact, Pilates didn’t enter the picture for me until I was out in the world of fitness. This led me to teach Pilates and I thought I would share with you 3 really good reasons why I became a Pilates teacher.

  1. Love of movement and fitness! I grew up active and always moving! Tap, jazz, ballet, swimming and even ice skating to tennis. It was something I “had” to do every day and as I got older it was such a part of my routine and who I was. I soon realized that this was such a passion that why not do this as a job? This led me to teach aerobics and group classes back in the days of step and only a hand full of clubs and gyms around the city to work at. Little did I realize this would lead me to Pilates!

    2. It changed my life and body! Teaching fitness classes and running a Group Fitness Department I soon realized at a young age my knees and back were starting to give me issues. I tried everything for the knee pain and found walking up and down stairs painful. I also was seeing how teaching group classes up to 3 or 4 times a day 6 days a week was really beating my body up! One of the teachers who taught where I ran the Group Fitness Program was a Pilates teacher who went through the full Comprehensive Teacher Training and said you have to come and use the Pilates apparatus. The first moment on the Reformer when I pushed out for Footwork I was hooked! My body literally wanted to know “where has this been my whole life?”. I soon realized my knees and back no longer hurt, my body became more functional and balanced. I loved how I felt worked yet not beat up after, I felt energized and better than when I had entered the room to practice with her. I also loved how it was my time, that I could really focus in and connect with my body and mind.

    3. Making people happy and feel better- What I loved about teaching fitness and classes was that moment when someone would say I had helped them that day to feel better, make their mood better or any improvement they got in that hour. It was hard to really connect with people as with classes people came and went, some you saw more often than others but, it was a constant change of faces with a few familiars each week. I soon realized that the private sessions of Pilates had more opportunity to work with someone for long periods of time, such as years and years to really get deep and see changes and really make a difference for that person and body. That it was going to be a bigger opportunity to really make some feel better, to make a difference for them. To connect in a way that was profound for them as it had been for me with my own Pilates practice.

So those are 3 reasons for me of becoming a Pilates teacher! As I have traveled my journey of Pilates I have found more and more reasons why I love teaching. We will save those for a future post. If you are a teacher do you remember 3 good reasons you decided to start that journey?

I know when students come to chat with me on my Teacher Training Program either in my home studio or bringing the Program to their studio, and they are thinking of becoming Pilates teachers one question I always ask is “What makes you want to be a Pilates teacher?” or “ What made you think of coming to a Pilates Teacher Training Program?” It is important to think about right? Becoming a Pilates teacher is a journey and it requires a lot of work, dedication, and passion.

What are your thoughts? If you are thinking of becoming a Pilates teacher what are your top 3 reasons?


Hilary Opheim

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