Tips to get a workshop for you!

How do you get a Pilates workshop in your studio? How do you as a Pilates teacher find that workshop? How do you as a Pilates teacher get those CEC ’s if traveling is just not an option? What if you are a Pilates studio owner? How do you keep your teachers learning and passionate about Pilates? What options do you have if traveling to the PMA Conference isn’t something you can afford to do or have time to do?

It seems perfect to chat on this week as  I just had Benjamin Degenhardt bring a 3-day workshop to my studio and I got to be that student and just absorb, get some education. It was wonderful to see a lot of my teachers get that same experience for themselves and their Pilates practice.

This subject brought up a lot of questions that I heard when I was at the PMA Conference and even as I was gearing up to go and be a Presenter as well as enjoy some workshops for myself.  The PMA is a great way to get all your continuing education in one long weekend right? I love going every year, one conference, many workshops and 2 years of CEC’s done!

Yet, what if you can’t afford to travel or take the time off? What if you can go maybe every other year? What are your options around you? Can you get all the CEC’s you need?

What about as a studio owner? Can you afford to bring someone in to teach workshops? How does it work right? How do you choose the workshops or the Presenter?

As a studio owner and as a Workshop Presenter this has come up for me many times and in many different situations. So, I have some tips and some things to think about when you are wondering “how do I get those workshops” or as a Pilates teacher just figuring out what workshops to take! These are just some things that I ask myself when I am thinking of workshops and either attending or bringing one to my studio.

  1. What do I feel is missing in my teaching?

Do you feel a little lost after Teacher Training or wanting to dive deeper than you feel you went? Are you wanting more teaching skills or learning the work? Do you feel you want to just recharge and get some connection back to Pilates? Think about what it is that you feel at this point is “missing” then look for that workshop that may fill that puzzle piece for you.

2. What kind of teacher inspires me?

What draws you to a certain teacher? Is it personality? Experience? Both? The way they see the work or the world? Do you want someone that is to the point, matter of fact or someone that gets you to think more for yourself as a teacher? Are you wanting a teacher that is like you or someone that is different that maybe can add to your teaching in a new way?

3. As a studio owner what do I think would really inspire and help my teachers in their teaching?

This is important if you want to bring someone in right? Ask your teachers or get feedback from them of what they are feeling is missing for them. Are they burned out and just need to be that student? Or is there some specific need for them?

These are important questions to really think on as you decide on a workshop or a presenter! I know when I take my workshops to other studios it is to give those teachers something to make them dig deeper, to recharge them, to see the work in a new view. To give those teachers and studio owners what they had been wanting or missing in the studio or in their teaching. I want them to be inspired and uplifted and to have all those lightbulb moments that I adore when I attend a workshop!  

As I am taking in all that I just got from my 3-day weekend workshop and I get my own 2019 schedule set I realize how sometimes yes, it is fun to travel and take workshops but, sometimes it is just as much fun to stay in your own studio and have those workshops in your space with your teachers. To experience it all together.  

If you are thinking of workshops for yourself or for your studio CLICK HERE to see some of the workshops I have. As I set my 2019 schedule and you want to be kept informed of any events/workshop just fill out the form below.

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