Teacher Training in your studio? Hear why it works for you!

Are you still wondering where all the good Pilates Teachers are for you as a Pilates studio owner? Do you wonder why you can’t find fully Certified Pilates teachers to help in your studio? Where are all the Pilates Teachers who know the full system of Pilates? Are you thinking how can I keep this Pilates studio going without help and other trained Pilates teachers? Did you see the top 6 reasons why a Pilates Teacher Training Program in your Pilates studio is a good idea?

A few months ago I wrote some top reasons to bring Teacher Training to your studio. Things such as You can check out “Need Pilates Teachers” at Click here to read. I heard from so many of you about those reasons that I had to share more and another blog followed “3 more Reasons” that you can Click here to read.

One of those studio owners is Jyl Thompson at Lake Tapps Pilates, now a host studio for my Teacher Training Program. Jyl has a one-woman Pilates studio and does it all! She had gotten to the point of burnout, no time for her family, working long hours, turning away clients and if she wanted to get away and take a vacation there was no one to cover her clients. Does this sound familiar to you?

She wanted good teachers who fit her studio and her client's needs. Teachers, she could trust her business and her schedule with, to be able to leave and know all was taken care of while she was away. We chatted and went over all her apparatus, her own training and what she was looking for in terms of her studio and her life.

The experience at her studio and with the Teacher Training overall was so great she asked to be a host studio and have the Training every year at her studio. I will let her tell you more about her experience as well as share a little from one of the students who was in that first Teacher Training class at Jyl’s studio.

“I met Hilary at a Pilates workshop and was immediately drawn to her energy and passion. When she started taking her Teacher Training to other studio’s I knew I wanted to have her come to mine and share her passion and expertise. I found her program’s syllabus, schedule, and mentorship-style teaching perfect for my studio. I found her program to be intimate, no matter what size of the class and she was focused and very clear in her teaching. I was very pleased with the pace and the content my trainees received during our 3-weekend intensives. Hilary tailored her in-house program to fit my studio needs beautifully. We went over what my studio was in need of, my apparatus, and I was included in every aspect I wanted to be during the year-long training Program. Hilary was in weekly contact with them and helped answer any questions they had or issues. She also was very helpful and there for me as the studio owner and I always felt supported and guided by her in many aspects of the students, my studio and the training. In reality not only did the group have wonderful support from Hilary but, so did I.

Hilary was so encouraging and a wonderful inspiration and her years of experience and knowledge, as well as her teaching style, was a true gift for me and the students. I love that she is always learning and advancing in the Pilates industry and not just a teacher but, a fellow student of Pilates. She was open and actually wanted full participation from all in the program and even welcomed my knowledge and thoughts. It was wonderful to feel a part of the journey of the program. Hilary was completely supportive and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with her Teacher Training Program. “ Jyl Thompson, Owner Lake Tapps Pilates Studio.


Hilary Opheim

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